Product Description
FR-41 was especially formulated to treat fabrics and substrates that do not respond well to the FR-31 treatment. FR.41 is of the same basic formulation as FR-31 but uses a higher concentration of the chemicals which suppress the igniting gases during heat attack. This product is a highly effective, economical and environmentally friendly fire retardant treatment for fabric of most types. It can be used as a fire retardant and impregnating agent on practically all water absorbent materials. SAFECOAT FR- 41 can be applied by spraying, padding or immersion, or it can be incorporated directly into a product. The method of application depends on the type of material and structure of the fiber to be protected.

• is an aqueous solution of inorganic salts. It is colorless and has a slight odor of ammonia in solution but is odorless when dry.
• is chemically neutral or slightly alkaline with a pH of 7.0 to 8.0. Its primary role is to act as a flame retardant.
• does not substantially affect the appearance or feel of the fabric if properly applied. The fabric remains soft and pliable. Since SAFECOAT FR-41 Fire Retardant Fabric Treatment is water soluble it can be washed out of both textiles and materials. Re-treat after laundering.
• is provided in a Ready-to-Use, liquid form.

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