We are currently seeking Certified Contractors for select territories around the world.

How do you become an EAGLE Certified Contractor?

Prequalify by sending your company profile detailing your experience and references.

1. Contractor’s License and Insurance Necessary.
   a. Painting, Waterproofing Contractor’s License
   b. GC (General Contractor’s) License.
   c. Certificate of insurance evidencing general liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 per occurrence.

2. Minimum of Five (5) Years Experience in Paint Applications.

3. Must have an understanding of:
   a. Solvent-based products and mixture ratio’s.
   b. Moisture-cure, chemical-cure, and evaporative cure products.
   c. Water-based products.
   d. Primers for new substrates, wood and concrete.
   e. Application on new and existing substrates.

4. Must have an understanding of:
   a. Surface preparation.
   b. Pressure washing.
   c. Abrasive blasting.
   d. Scraping.
   e. Surface decontamination of salts.

5. Understanding of SPI product information sheets, MSDS sheets, application procedures and requirements.

6. Understanding of the effects of weather conditions and relative humidity on proper application of SPI Coating Products.

7. Knowledge of VOC laws, rules and regulations per Province \ State and local authority.

8. Understanding of SPI Ten-Year Product Limited Warranty and commitment to standard three year applicator’s warranty.

Secure your first project (with our assistance).

Our Specialized Coatings Consultants will work with you and your staff to complete your first project.

Promote EAGLE Specialized Coatings And Protected Environments within your territory.


Due to the extremely litigatious nature of the business environment in the United States two additional steps are required.

1. Attend a scheduled product / application class in Shawnee, Kansas.

                First day is product training

                Second day is application training

2. After this training, the contractor or group will have a relationship with Superior.  When the applicator has a sizable project then the applicator will fly a Superior representative out to their project where they will oversee the procedures and get the additional certification process under way.

Provided that the applicator is experienced and this is seen with the idea that future projects can be talked through and application techniques formed to apply without supervision, then the CERTIFICATION can be issued after one project.

If the applicator is not as experienced as needed then additional projects may need to be supervised.

As an EAGLE Certified Contractor, you will receive from us:

   1. Technical support
   2. Marketing assistance including a listing on our website
   3. A World Wide network of shared experience

What are we looking for in a Certified Contractor?

   1. Integrity
   2. Financial Stability
   3. A dedication to quality and long-term success. The majority of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals!

If you think you qualify and would like more information, please E-mail us (today!)