O'Tooles Kitchen
Libertyville, IL

May 2015

The project consisted of two applications. The Kitchen area was sealed with ENAMO GRIP 5000 ® tinted to a pale gray. The existing surface was the mortar that remained after the removal of quarry tiles.
oTooles 1 oTooles 2
The surface was treated with a floor topping system, TRU® Self-Leveling, provided by Alliance Specialty.

The finished surface was much different than typical concrete products. It was far more dense and has the ability to be polished. We applied the primer coat of ENAMO GRIP 5000 ® thinned with 20% MEK. The application temperature was in the high 70’s. Our application thickness for the primer coat was @ 8mils WFT.
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In my previous experience with ENAMO GRIP 5000 ® and concrete floors, the initial primer coat would instantly soak into the porous surface of the concrete and would be ready to apply the second coat in less than an hour. This is not the case with a dense self-leveling hydraulic topping. We waited for over two hours and the surface was not yet entirely tack free. However, the MEK did penetrate into the surface with the ENAMO GRIP 5000 ® and we were able to successfully apply the finish coat. The finish coat included “Sharkgrip” and was applied again @ 8 mils WFT.

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The second application was the sealing of the basement floor with RUST GRIP ®. Three weeks prior to the application, there was significant trenching done in the floor to install new drain lines and grease traps.

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The concrete in the trenches was a low compressive strength mix with pea fill aggregate. This material still displayed a high moisture content of over 20% compared to the existing floor which was 11%. This prevented the use of any leveling application as per Mike with Alliance Specialty. To resolve the situation, Alliance Specialty ground the floor surfaces to provide a flat floor surface between the trenches and the existing floor. We had previously acid washed and power washed the entire floor using acetone as a rinse to accelerate moisture evaporation. The RUST GRIP ® was applied with “Sharkgrip” in one coat with a minimum thickness of 10 mils WFT. My examination of the surface two days later showed that the RUST GRIP ® had properly bonded with all the concrete surfaces including the material in the trenches. This occurred because the material was a low compressive strength mix with pea fill aggregate. This created a very porous texture which allowed for a higher than average moisture reading while also providing a very rough and porous surface for the RUST GRIP ® to bond to.

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This application was intended to create a new market for ENAMO GRIP 5000 ® in food prep operations which require a durable and sanitary floor treatment. An Epoxy system was tried by this owner in one of his other restaurant operations and it failed in two years. The standard quarry tile floor is very expensive to install and is plagued by problems with the grout lines which absorb and degrade with exposure to fats and proteins from food preparations. This customer is thrilled to have a beautiful glossy non-skid surface that will be easy to clean and maintain. We will be looking to treat his other operations in the near future.

Project Pictures courtesy of John Walliser - Illinois Senior Specialized Coatings Consultant \ Project Manager
john@eaglecoatings.net Tel: ( 708 ) 268 - 2354