FIREX-FS II ® Fire Retardant Coating, a post treatment exterior/interior fire retardant and preservative. This product dries clear. When used on porous woods such as Douglas Fire or Pine, it will provide a Class A rating. FS II penetrates wood and becomes part of its molecular structure, it also closes wood pores making them insoluble to water, therefore it can be said that this product is a wood preservative. This product contains proprietary vinyl-copolymer latex that will protect the fire retardant from exterior weather for up to 10 years and a min of 5 years. When treated material is subjected to an open flame, the retardant will pyrolitically self-extinguish fire with minimum smoke. FS II is commonly non-toxic, non-hazardous and easy to apply.

FS II should be used for exterior/interior applications such as: most porous woods, cedar shake shingles for preservative and fire retardant.

Class A one coat system. 25 Flamespread, 25 Smoke Development. Since FS II penetrates and becomes part of the substrate, the life of the flame retardancy is indefinite if interior, if exterior we recommend retreatment after 5 years. FS II is user friendly, water based and non-toxic. This product dries clear and may be coated with most latex coatings or latex stains, after the product has cured and if applied properly due to its unique polymer bond for an indefinite time interior and a minimum of 5 years exterior. Most fire retardants that are thick paints will deteriorate over time because they do not become part of the wood. This product will not alter the structural integrity of the wood like pressure treatment does.

Do NOT dilute. Storage range: 110°F to 45 °F Shelf life: 1 year if kept within storage temperatures. We suggest a small compatability test. Moisture content should be 8%-19% before treatment. Woods that have a low moisture content need to be treated with a heavier coverage.

FS II has been tested to the following standards:
ASTM E-84, NFPA 255, UL 723, US Testing #LA 62466, Omega Point Laboratories #8746-108578, Calafornia Registration #C-256.01, LA Approval, RR#25420 and CSI#09960.


Total Solids: 15%
Color: White (cure clear)
Fungus: Good Resistance
Insects: Excellent Resistance.
Corrosive: Mildly corrosive on unplated steel
Mold: Excellent Resistance
Wt per US Gallon: 9.5lbs
Solvents: Water
Volatility: None
Toxic: No
Average PH: 5.0
Bacterial: Good Resistance
Biodegradable: Yes
Linear Shinkage: None

This product is sold on condition that the user will evaluate them to determine their suitability for his purpose. We warrent that each quantity of FS II will be ther kind designated and free of defects and no other warrenty is implied since we have no control over the application.

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