SUNSHIELD ® is a water-borne combination of a high performance duo of elastomeric acrylic and resin additives, which produces a tough, yet flexible coating film. It combines four different ceramics that provide both heat reflectivity and insulating properties. SUNSHIELD ® is a flexible membrane with low permeability that can greatly reduce expansion and contraction of a roof. SUNSHIELD's ® blend of resin additives produce a flexible coating membrane that can be applied directly to fabric. It also prevents corrosion and surface deterioration. Although durable and offering solar heat blocking performance, SUNSHIELD ® does not give the same benefits as SUPERTHERM ®.


Surface must be clean from oil, tar, rust, grease, salts, and films.
  1. Use general degreaser if needed.
  2. Clean surface using TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate) or a citrus cleaner to release dirt and degreaser residue.
  3. Pressure-wash if possible @ 3500 psi.
  4. Salt contamination on a surface can come as a result of salt water, fertilizers, and car exhaust. Use Chlor*Rid or equivalent to decontaminate surface if salts are present. Acceptable levels: Nitrates: 5-10 mcg/cm², Sulfates: 5-10 mcg/cm², Chlorides: 3-5 mcg/cm²

Surface must be completely dry before applying.

  1. SUNSHIELD ® must be applied during proper temperatures (below) and the prescribed overcoat window of the coating over which it will be applied.
  2. Maximum Surface Temperature when applying: 150°F (65°C)
  3. Minimum Surface Temperature when applying: 40°F (5°C)
  4. Maximum Surface Temperature after curing: 300°F (149°C)
  1. Use RUSTGRIP ® as a primer when needed.
  2. If pack rust or mill scale exist, it must be removed by grit blast, power tool or needle gun. Once removed, begin with Step 1 (power wash).
  3. Harsh environments where color is desired, or where pooling may occur: SUNSHIELD ® should be over-coated with ENAMOGRIP ® (solvent based) over metal or concrete, or SP SEAL COAT ® over flexible surfaces (foam, tar, rubber and wood).


SUNSHIELD ® should be mechanically mixed or mixed by hand for three minutes, then applied.

SUNSHIELD ® can be applied by brush, roller or spray; however, the preferred method is by air or airless sprayer. It should never be applied directly over rust, nor should it ever be diluted or thinned.
  1. If application is by brush, use a soft bristle brush.
  2. If application is by roller, use a 1/4 inch nap roller.
  3. If application is by spray, use a standard airless sprayer (2 gallons/minute at 3,300 psi.) with a .029-.033 tip.
NOTE: The number of applications and the thickness of each should be in accordance with the job specifications.
NOTE: All filters should be removed from both the gun handle and spray machine prior to application, as they will trap the ceramics.
NOTE: Temperatures must always be a minimum of 5 degrees F. above the dew point during application.
NOTE: If SUNSHIELD ® is applied during a period of extremely high humidity or if there is rain soon after the application, bubbles may appear on the surface. Do not puncture these bubbles. This is normal and the coating will continue to cure with no effect on the performance or appearance of the coating. Bubbles will dry down tight and disappear without a trace or imprint.

MINIMUM SPREAD RATES (mil thickness)

SUNSHIELD ® will be applied at no less than a total of 19 mils wet (450 microns)/10 mils dry (250 microns) for each application. Spread Rate is 85 sq ft per gallon. (7.4 sq meter per gallon)


  1. 30-60 minutes to tack free at 70°F (21°C)
  2. Overcoat: 2 hours when 70°F (21°C) at 40% Relative Humidity
  3. Full Cure: 21 days

  1. Apply between 50°F. and 100°F.
  2. Store between 40°F. and 100°F.


  1. After completion, spray system should be cleaned with soap and water.
  2. After completion, brushes and rollers can be cleaned with soap and water, stored and reused.

Aluminum Preparation using 409 Citrus Cleaner


METAL: 85 sq.ft./Gal.

NOTE - 1 mil = 1 thousandths of an inch 1/1000"

Solids by volume 65.16%, 16 wet mil coat; 10 dry mil coat (wet mil gauge recommended)
Dry time: 1 hour to touch 4 hours to recoat 21 days to cure
Spread: 80 sq.ft. per gallon = 10 dry mils 150% Elongation
Flexibility: 180 bend test Hail-resistance to cracking
Weathering: Ability to last a minimum of 10 years
VOC: is 21 grams / liter California environmental maximum required upper limit 420 grams / liter SUNSHIELD ® is extremely health and environmentally safe
PH: 8.5 - 9.0
Density: 11.27 lb. per gallon
Viscosity: 105 - 110 KU

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