SAFECOAT E-84 ® is a single component latex-based, intumescent fire retardant coating intended for interior use on polyurethane foam (for exterior applications use Safecoat Exterior). It dries to an opaque flat finish similar to a conventional flat latex. When exposed to the heat of a fire, SAFECOAT E-84 ® intumesces (swells up) to form a thick protective insulating barrier against heat and flames. It is tintable, non-toxic, washable, convenient, labor saving and environmentally friendly. SAFECOAT E-84 ® can be used to achieve a Class A Flame Spread Rating on many polyurethane foam substrates.

• Use to achieve a Class A flame spread rating and a low smoke developed rating, on high density polyurethane molded parts.
• It may also be applied to polyurethane spray foam and most wood substrates.
• When used in polyurethane mold applications, use of BARRIERCOAT 840 as a barrier and release agent ensures compatibility and improves flame resistance.
• If the coated substrate will be subject to repeated washing or prolonged contact with moisture, a finishing coat of
SAFECOAT 725 ® is recommended. Before applying any other finishing coat, consult the manufacturer or their representative.

Testing was conducted by independent polyurethane molding producers in accordance with ASTM E84-91a "Standard Method of Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials and Assemblies". A coverage rate of approximately 80 sq/ft per US Gallon is suggested to achieve a "Class A" rating.

Technical Data:

Coating Type: Latex
Finish: White, flat finish; may be colored with universal tint.
Specific Gravity: 11.0 Ibs/US Gallon (USG) or 1.33 g/mL
Solids by Weight: 60%
Solids by Volume: 50%
Dry Time Touch: 30 min. to 1 hour (Varies with temperature and humidity)
Re-coat: 1 to 2 hours
Full cure: 48 hours
Film Thickness: Wet 20 mils, Dry 10 mils A wet mil gauge is strongly recommended
Flash Point: No Flash
Storage Limits: Keep from freezing (above 50°F recommended)
Shelf Life: 24 months
Packaging: Available in one and five US gallon quantities.

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