All surface preparation should be carried out in accordance with good painting practices. Remove all loose, peeling or powdery paint from the surface. All dirt, grease, oil, wax and other foreign material must be removed with a suitable cleaner and allowed to thoroughly dry. Repair all cracks, holes and surface imperfections. All smooth or glossy surfaces should be dulled with sandpaper. BARRIERCOAT 840 can be applied to the inside of rubber molds prior to the injection of foam, or can be applied by spray prior to the application of SAFECOAT E-84 ®.

SAFECOAT E-84 ® Fire Retardant Coating can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. Airless equipment is most desirable. Use Graco Model 450 or larger or other long-stroke piston type units. Alternatives include gravity fed "Hero" or other diaphragm units. Use a 16 to 21 thousand aperture, with a 12" fan for optimum results. Apply uniformly to entire surface. If thinning is required, use clean water only, and do not exceed 200 mL per gallon. Surface and ambient temperature must be maintained at greater than 50°F (10°C) during application and must remain so for at least 48 hours following the application. A wet film thickness gauge can be used at the start of the application to check that a sufficient amount of SAFECOAT E-84 ® has been applied. At an application rate of 80 square feet/USG the wet film thickness should be 20 mils (20/1000 of an inch) and will yield a dry film thickness of 10 mils. The application of SAFECOAT E-84 ® should be uniform, and should leave no exposed surfaces or edges uncoated.

Technical Data:

Coating Type: Latex
Finish: White, flat finish; may be colored with universal tint.
Specific Gravity: 11.0 Ibs/US Gallon (USG) or 1.33 g/mL
Solids by Weight: 60%
Solids by Volume: 50%
Dry Time Touch: 30 min. to 1 hour (Varies with temperature and humidity)
Re-coat: 1 to 2 hours
Full cure: 48 hours
Film Thickness: Wet 20 mils, Dry 10 mils A wet mil gauge is strongly recommended
Flash Point: No Flash
Storage Limits: Keep from freezing (above 50°F recommended)
Shelf Life: 24 months
Packaging: Available in one, five and fifty US gallon quantities.

All application tools can be easily cleaned with water. If product has dried on, use hot soapy water to soften and remove it.

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